From the purchased plastic resins and semi-finished products, like plastic sheet material, all our products and manufacturing processes are under continuous supervision by the TÜV Sued. This includes a variety of product and material testing and consistently documentation of all test results. All our staff members in our production facilities are well-trained and have to pass a annual test of their skills in plastic welding performed by the TÜV Sued.

After a long series of product and material testing, our storage tanks have been approved by the German Institute of Building Technology. The first approval was issued in 1979 to our company. Within the approval procedure, a program of product and material testing and a program for quality assurance was established, which basically covers three main aspects:


First, usage of materials with proved mechanical and chemical properties, second the creation of a proved structural calculation and finally the assignment of trained and continuous certified employees.

All Storage tanks and secondary containments which are produced according to our note of approval are marked with a special sign, which is the endorsement that the product will comply to the regulations of the note of approval in all terms.

The structural calculations of our storage tanks and secondary containments are regulatory verifiable and are audited by a government agency for structural engineering (LGA) in the city of Nuremberg.