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We assure you of an expert consultation and the high quality of our products and our target is to fulfill the needs and wishes of our customers.

The permanent high quality and reliability of our products and our staff has shaped the image of our company for decades and that's what we will continue to stand for in future.



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Extrusion station consisting of rotating steel

mandrel and alongside moving extruder




Before winding the first layer, the steel mandrel

is heated to operation temperature via open gas




When ready, the helically wound tube is removed

from the steel mandrel, designed as a folding core.


In the foreground an automatic process-controlled

butt fusion machine for welding the rounds for

bottoms and covers




The tanks are assembled in special scaffolding docks,

constructed to suit the different tank sizes




The fusion of the cylinder to the tank's bottom

plate is performed by hot gas extrusion welding





Fitting the manway into the conical tank roof




Transport of the finished storage tank to final

product testing: a leackage test with water filling




Turning device to optimize the working position

for welding inside seams and to join big tanks

consisting of several wound clylinders