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tank farms

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Storage tank plant for a textile mill for chemical supply of the dye works consisting of eight storage tanks with secondary containment from HDPE.

Piping systems from UPVC, PVDF and stainless steel.




Upper service level of a storage plant in a textile mill.

Piping made from UPVC, PVDF and stainless steel.




Storage tank plant (under construction) for a modern

chemical distributor. Storage tanks (30 000 liters each)

with retention tanks from HDPE.



Filling- and discharge station for tank trucks at

a modern chemical distributor


The tank trucks could be discharged to the storage tanks

by using centrifugal pumps or could be filled using the

above level filling equipment.




Storage tank plant with storage tanks and retention tanks

from HDPE, weather proof installation with protection roof.




Storage tanks and secondarycontainments from HDPE

in a manufacturing company for synthetic resin dispersions.





Storage tanks (30 000 liters each) at a chemical distributor




Storage tanks from HDPE (in the background) 30 000 liters

each for supply of the mixing tanks in the foreground





Storage tanks from HDPE, 60 000 liters capacity each