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customized solutions

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Container washer from HDPE black

for spray cleaning of plastic barrels


with integrated spray nozzles for cleaning

rinse process controlled with photoelectric sensors





Collecting tray for chemical bins from PP




Collecting tray from PP for chemical barrels

with base for easy forklift transport




Flange from UPVC with filter nozzles

for an ion exchanger for water treatment




pump and piping panel with flow meters for

ultra clean chemicals in the semiconductor industry




Filter casing from PP for a active carbon filter

for use in the semiconductor industry




Cooling pipe coil from polybuten (PB)

for use in a galvanic bath




Pump and piping panel (under construction)

for the semiconductor industry



Pilot plant for development of a water treatment process


Pump panel and process tank from HDPE black,

equipped with centrifugal and diaphragm dosing pumps,

piping from UPVC with various flow meters



Pre-insulated piping system for hazardous chemicals


inner pipe from HDPE, PP, UPVC, CPVC, PVDF, ABS

outer pipe from HDPE, PP, UPVC

insulation from polyurethane foam (PUR)

optional with electric heating available



Pre-insulated pipe-bend


inner pipe from UPVC


outer pipe from HDPE



Pre-insulated pipe tee


inner pipe from UPVC


outer pipe from UPVC