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Tank farm for a chemical distribution company


The storage tanks are installed on an evelated level to allow

the filling of bulk containers in a free flow without the need of


The transfer of media to the storage tanks is performed by

discharging the delivering tank truck with compressed air.

Below the concrete plate for the storage tanks a weather-protected level for filling bulk containers is installed.



Tank farm for a chemical distributor


The elevated installation of storage tanks allows the

filling of bulk containers in free-flow without pumps.


The level below the storage tanks is protected against

weather and is used for filling containers.



Filling- and discharge station for tank trucks at

a modern chemical distributor


The tank trucks could be discharged to the storage tanks

by using centrifugal pumps or could be filled using the

above level filling equipment.


Gravimetric filling station at a producer of special chemicals


The IBC-container is set up on a corrosion-proof

platform of scales and be weighned during the filling



The filling boom for different media is self-supporting

to prevent impact of the filling hoses to the weighing.




Volumetrical filling of bulk containers at a chemical distributor


The filling nozzle is connected to a control unit with flow- and

batch control and allows rational filling of barrels, especially

in smaller lot sizes.